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BLACK WATERS (TAINTED WATERS #2) by India R. Adams: ARC Review

Black Waters (Tainted Water, #2)Black Waters by India R. Adams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"There was no beauty in her dying that day…"

Never, NEVER would have I expected that book to crush my heart like it did. If Blue Waters broke it, Black Waters totally crushed it. 

Like for the 1st opus, I didn't knew what Black Waters was about. I guessed it was the followed up of Blue. Nope. When I saw it was the same story but from Link's point of view, I was intrigued, yes,   although intrigued doesn't begin to cover what I felt.

Let me tell you, the atmosphere in this book is way darker. It was devastating. And true to the author's style, it was beautifully devastating. Oh, boy did I cry!!!

The love those kids have for each other is passionate. What they learn, as the story unfolds, and the revelations unravel had my jaw dropping more than once. And despite everything, they fight harder and harder, never giving up. The thing is, did they stand any chance at all? Caught in the crossfire of elements they never controled, where threats arise and stakes are higher than ever, Link and Crash managed to build a fantastic relationship based on respect and their love for Whit. In the middle of that war and all that anguish, that shred apart Whit, Crash and Link's innocence, the purity of the feelings was like a bubble of oxygen. Protectiveness, fierceness and selflessness carry a tragic plot where hope is progressively disappearing, leaving me wondering until the last moments.

I highly recommend this books if you're in the mood for a strong and beautifully written story with the deepest emotions.

"Secrets can be harmless, or they can be torturous inner struggles that devour you from the inside out"

 India, do you know what? "Red Waters is a must."!!!

*I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book. Thank you!*

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