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BLUE WATERS (TAINTED WATERS #1) by India R. Adams: ARC Review

Blue Waters (Tainted Water #1)Blue Waters by India R. Adams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"I found a beauty in dying that day…"

Where should I start?...

Ah, my friends highly recommended Blue Waters, but seriously, I was far from imagining the mess I would be by the end of it!

This is a deeply emotional read; although rather short (but fortunately, #2 is already available), it's not less feelings and twists packed.

I went into it completely blind, (I read the blurb at some point but it was weeks before) and I suggest you do the same, as the story totally surprised me. 

Told from Whit's point of view, it follows a group of teenagers who at first appear to be little brats, but fast start to reveal the depths of their personalities. 

They are perfectly handled, acting according to their age, with their fire, sassy replies and most importantly the tribe vibe that qualifies them. I loved Link and Whit's relationship, their closeness and protectiveness. It was as sweet as it was heartbreaking. But what moved me the most was the strength of Crash and Whit's love. These two had me shedding a tear or two (or more, lol...).

Blue Waters is sweet and raw, mysterious and beautiful. Poetic. I loved the author's writing; the atmosphere of loneliness and the final feel.

"I closed my eyes and prayed for him to not abandon me the way everyone else had."

 This is a descent to hell, and I couldn't help but find it beautiful. I've been trying to understand why since I finished the last page, but I think it's just the magic writing style. Death is ever-present, the grief permanent: of family, friends, friendship, dreams, future... their pain (physical and psychological) was heart-wrenching. I was so enthralled in Whit's journey and emotions that until the last word, she could have chosen one path or the other and it would have been fine by me. Well done, India!

*I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book. Thank you!*

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