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Beautiful Evil The Master: The MasterBeautiful Evil The Master: The Master by B.B. Blaque
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"I want to see and feel all of you...[...]I do not believe in consent or safewords. I will not harm you physically... but I will bring the most intense pain you can endure and more."

This is the last part of Bishop's journey from Monster to Master... and what a journey. It was intense, crazy, twisted, dark, and....beautiful.  

Told from a dual point of view, this 4th book was the perfect ending. The psychological aspect is still as brillantly handle as before, and it took me to places I never imagined going. It pushes the readers' boundaries and at the same time, it never felt so right. Comfortable would maybe not be the accurate word to describe what I felt, but yes it somehow didn't disturb me like the previous books did. Thinking of it, I think the BDSM frame procured the safety there wasn't before. I'm not going to pretend that I know anything about how it all works, but the consensual concept (even id it's "consensual non-conscent") changes everything. Besides, The Bishop (as he is now called) and his slave share that special connection, dynamic, unique to them; they feed each others' needs and darkess. She can take whatever he trows at her, and she relishes it to please her Master. He can now release the demon he has inside and she just accepts it, because that is simply how she is, how much she loves him.
Don't think it's less crazy,  violent or degradating, though; The Bishop didn't change, he is still the sadist he was, but he matured and learned to control himself. 

The atmosphere was incredible in this book. It takes place behind close doors, in a dungeon designed like a moving labyrinth; the colors, the materials, the furnitures, even the smell, the author completely transported me there.
My favorite scene was the roses scene, I can tell you I'm not going to able able to look at roses the same way again.

To finish, the epilogue blew my mind (as if it hadn't be blown already). Seriously, B.b. Blaque has a gift to write the most unacceptable scenes and somehow  to make the reader accept them...At the end it feels..

*Complimentary copy generously provided by the author, thank you so so much for the experience, lady!*

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