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BEAUTIFUL EVIL: SINFUL 7 by B.B. Blaque: Review

Beautiful Evil Sinful 7: Sinful 7Beautiful Evil Sinful 7: Sinful 7 by B.B. Blaque
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Although this 3d installment (the 2nd, really), in Jason Bishop's journey wasn't my favorite, it was nonetheless very interesting.

We follow Bishop during several years, after he left SNAFU. Now a Marine, he seems more in control, more methodical. Aware of how risky and wrong his needs are, he decides to "play", read : hunt, in Las Vegas, Sin City. And sinners be will found. 

The book is a journal of his favorite experiences for each of the seven sins.

Intriguing, twisted, sick, Sinful 7 remains along the same line as The Monster, despite Bishop's obvious evolution. The psychological aspect is once again very srong and well developed, letting us see a glimpse of humanity he had never showed before.

Did that mean I felt more comfortable or less shocked reading about his sadistic methods? Clearly no. Or...maybe... *damn B.B. Blaque (lol)* Did that mean he is less a bastard? Nope. There's nothing easy with him.

As his story flows, sinners after sinners, year after year, I'm surprised, happily surprised to hear that he keeps mentioning, more and more, his biggest regret, SNAFU. He clearly is obsessed with her, but he also realizes that they can't be together (for now?). I loved how he always compares his victims to her and doing so, starts to understand the dynamics they shared, the way she thought and functions.

Turning point of his journey, the last sin, Lust, (and my favorite), opens new possibilities. I'm really excited to start the last opus, and final step, The Master.

PS: The prologue was once again excellent, each and every word of these books need to be read, as the authors never stops playing with her readers' minds...


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