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MADE TO LOVE by SM West: Review

Made to LoveMade to Love by S.M. West
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"Mon trésor."

If you know me, then you certainly know that I love dark reads. Sometimes, though, it's good to change, if only the for the time of one book. That's why when I've been asked if I was interested in reading and reviewing (thank you, guys!) Made to love, I didnt hesitate.

Made to Love is a second chance romance, a sweet love story, the feel-good kind of books. It's refreshing, will plaster a big smile on your face, maybe will make shed a tear (again that's what happens when the strory feels real, so don't worry ;) .)

I was so glad when I read that Olivia is 42 ! (Finally an « older » heroine, lol !) After her divorce with a husband who used to neglect her, she decided to start to really live : Raising her two teenage kids, she creates a interior design business, trains daily to stay in shape. Her life is back on track.... until she meets Sam, a sexy famous chef, determined to make her his. Olivia could be you or your friend or sister, her doubts, insecurities, expectations, concerns are real ; in her situation, who wouldn't be frightened to lose what they built by themselves?
I loved that they took their time to build their relationship, although their attraction was immediate and undeniedable. Sam is a gentle soul, very patient, but make no mistake, he doesn't hesitate to make his intentions pretty clear and pretty fast, in a pretty sexy way !!!
« He kisses me until I'm breathless, demolishing all kisses before. Virgin lips. Taken. His lips mark me. Consume me. »

SM West did a fantastic job at capturing the ties and the dynamics between her characters, they all are well developped and endearing. Made to love isn't just about love, it's about friendship and family ; a life story. Always in an optimistic tone. Well done !!!

"We. Are. Us. Livvie."

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review, thank you!*

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