mercredi 26 avril 2017

KISS ME by LP Lovell: Review

Kiss Me (Kiss of Death #2)Kiss Me by L.P. Lovell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"Love is not a weakness, Morte. It is strength."

Una's and Nero's story continued in that second installment of the Kiss Of Death series, with the same intensity and craziness. The characters are as driven as in Kill me, although their motivations are different, with Una struggling between her past and her future and Nero trying to keep her safe despite their lifestyle. Now allies, partners, lovers, Una and Nero fight for what could have been, could be. They are more combative ans desperate than ever, almost unstoppable, really, I. their attempt at keeping their enemies at bay. I particularly loved the touch of vulnerability they showed, it takes their personnalities to a whole new level, more human, but never weaker.
"I want all of her. Every beautifully fucked up part. She is perfectly ruined. My vicious little butterfly, my savage queen, my love."

The plot is really well tied, rich, suspenseful and fast - paced. I felt the distress, the conflicts the characters felt. I was hooked from the beginning of that series to the end, that was just perfect. Una and Nero stayed true to themselves, their dynamics was respected, even in their (view spoiler), thank you for that, lol!

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