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GREEN (Love in Color #3) by S.M. West: Review

Green (Love in Color #3)Green by S.M. West
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Green is the 3d installment in the Love In Color series.It follows the story of Anna (Evan's sister) and Coop (whom we first met in Red).

I'm rather conflicted as how to rate it because although I love SM West writing style, I didn't like the story that much.

Anna has been sheltered by her mafia family since her tragic birth. Now "free" of her grand-father, her freedom tastes bittersweet since the least of her moves is monitored by her brother and his team, ...and her grand-father who is still lurking around, in the attempt to use her to assess his power in the mob.

Coop, ex FBI, and Evan's employee, has nothing in common with her. 12 years her senior, he got hurt by his ex girlfriend and is a true manwhore when it comes to women. Broody and cold, sometimes a class-A asshole, he wants nothing to do with his new job assignment, Anna. 

I enjoyed that Anna and Coop's relationship evolved slowly, form hate to desire to more. But I totally disliked Coop's bad habit of leaving whenever he loses control. I find it utterly immature and... tiring. One step ahead, three steps back, I had that urge to slap him behind the head all along. 

Anna, on the contrary is described as shy and immature, and I discovered instead a fierce woman, strong and trying to get the control on her life, that she never had before. I loved her. Did she make the wisest choices and decisions, hell, no; but she tried. It was reckless but despair would do that to you, right?

Her brother and his team suffocated her during the whole story, excluding her from the decisions that concerned her life. And what decisions... These men could be so frustrating!!! They treated her like a child, and after complained she acted like one? Hu-uh, we have a problem here..

All in all I enjoyed the book but not as much as Red and Blue. I'll definitely read more of this series because the family and friendship the author created is amazing, I like the sweet moments they bring out, and most if all I love her strong and feisty heroines!


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