mercredi 5 juillet 2017

SIX ZEROS (THE GAME SERIES, #6) by LP Lovell and Stevie J. Cole: Review

Six Zeros  (The Game Series, #6)Six Zeros by L.P. Lovell
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What did I just read?
I'm so confused right now...and mad at Tovias and Preston! Tobias mostly.
Why, but Oh why did they do that to Ella? Just for fun? Surely there is more to this game than just ruining her? Or is it?
Poor Ella, I feel really bad for her. All that madness, cruelty. It's a power gmae. Did she just lose? Because to me, she won. But I'm not the one making the rules, right? Merely trying to grasp as many clues as possible to formulate some silly hypothesis.
Where is the reality? The mindfuck?
How frustrating and good at the same time!!! I feel like a puppet, just like Ella, a pawn in this indeciphable game...
Seven days, I'm ready for my answers!

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