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22 by Kailee Reese Samuels

2222 by Kailee Reese Samuels
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I picked up 22 because I loved the cover. Then the  blurb  intrigued me. I wanted something different and there it is! 22... The last 22 days of Sal and Kaci together. A countdown you can't forget as the days tick by with each  new chapter, seizing my heart a little more as the time passes. Argh... With this highly emotional story, I knew  that by the end, I would be a mess! Was it sad? Yes, but it was also so much more than that! Bittersweet, raw, intriguing and mysterious. Unconventional. Complex... Fuckep up.

Sals and Kaci's personalities were  amazingly handled. Anger, lust,  love, sadness, acceptance felt so real!!!

Even though the outcome wasn't a surprise, the journey was very suspenseful. The depth of the world the author created  amazed me . The multiple layers of he storyline were incredible, talk about a compelling read! Between Kaci's illness, the BDSM world of Juliet and the mafia and agency mystery, I was totally enthralled and had  no choice but keeping reading. One thing is sure, I'll need all the other books of the series. Although this one can be read as a standalone, I recommend to read at least Sal's story in order to better grasp the connections, stakes, and dynamics between the numerous characters. Either way, by choosing 22 you'll experience  a magnificent complete story.


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