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DISGRACE by Brittainy C. Cherry: review

DisgraceDisgrace by Brittainy C. Cherry
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Each time I start a Brittany C. Cherry book, the level of emotions she manages to make me feel amazes me. The prologue gave me goose bumps, the first chapter had me crying and a few pages farther I was smiling. That's how Disgrace started and it never stopped until the end. 

The author's magical and brilliant words completely captivated me although the story deals with topics I usually try to avoid at all cost. Cheating and miscarriage are very difficult matters but the poetry of the author's writing and the beauty of the story gripped me to no end.      

Set in the small town of Chester, Georgia, Disgrace is the story of two broken people who, in spite of their differences and their families' hate for each other, come to complete, understand, appease each other. 

Grace is sweet and kind, she spends her time making  other people happy; she follows her husband and family's expectations. When life strikes, she finds herself lost and sinking under the weight of people's pettiness and betrayal. Between the ru mors running wild and the nosiness and judgemental bahavior of the Chester's inhabitants, she doesn't really stand a chance of moving on. 

Jackson is the dark of Grace's light. But under his mean exterior, we discover a man with a painful past and  the biggest heart. He absolutely had me swooning. 

I loved that Grace found out who she was and learned to live by and stand for herself. When she eventually spoke back, it was spectacular. I was really proud of her.

Raw, bittersweet, poignant  and sad moments  were perfectly counterbalanced with sweet scenes and playful dialogues. Disgrace both shattered and warmed my heart. 


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