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NASTY (Dirty Nast Freaks, #2) by Callie Hart;?: Review

Nasty (Dirty Nasty Freaks, #2)Nasty by Callie Hart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Isn't Fix a nasty guy....

Dirty left me screaming and Nasty started out, not on the same vibe, but what an introduction, or rather re-introduction to Sera and Fix's incredible chemistry.... woo....Callie Hart wrote  some  memorable, and some of my favorite sex scenes in her other books, and I could recognize her style in Nasty.

That 2nd installment is more than chemistry, sex and passion, though. The remaining questions and mystery had me riveted to the pages. Chapter after chapter, the main characters reveal  their  pasts through rather gruesome flashbacks, giving some answers concerning Fix, and mostly leaving me with more questions about Sera. That brought out a very fun brainstorming session with a good book friend, when the most crazy theories was imagined.

I loved the trust and bond Sera and Fix share. They have also an interesting dynamic. Fix is dangerous but also very protective. Sera is strong, and we learn her how strong she can be, but she has deep vulnerabilities, too.  

Eventually, Nasty finished in apotheosis, with a suspenseful, and adrenaline (and testosterone) filled predicament.... TWIST. I'm still in the impossibly to choose what I would like to happen. But, seriously, who am I kidding? I know what my choice would be and I can't wait to read Freaks to find out where Callie is going to lead us.   


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