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Intrepid (A Vigilantes Spinoff)Intrepid by Keri Lake
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Woohoo what a ride! Hop up in that crazy train for a thrill that's going to leave you in a puddle on the floor!

I'm utterly in love (and love is putting it midly)  with Keri Lake's work. Her characters, her storyline, her writing style and last but definitely not least the atmosphere of Interpid, once again blew my mind.

Sera and Ty are fantastic. So easy to relate to, although they have such complex and damaged personalities. 

Sera, is endearing: innocent, strong and smart,  she is a resilient young woman who stands up for herself and braves her deeper fears in order to help those she cares for. She is caught in the middle of a revenge war she has no idea about, and Ty, the only person to make her feel alive and who offers her the distraction she so badly needs, might also be the only person who's going to ruin her.

"Like light and dark, fire and water, the moon and the sun trying to come together. We didn’t mix."

He is ruthless, really, does Sera even has a choice when it comes to Ty? His game is merciless, his charming ways and his intrepid activities certainly caught Sera off gard. The mystery that surrounds him is intriguing!  I felt and fell for him, moved by demons that haunt him.

“You’re the knife in my skin tonight. The temporary pain that’ll make me forget everything else."

Dark, raw, sad, sometimes chilling, the story is perfectly balanced with sweet and exciting moment; Intrepid is about love, promises, and more than that, family.  It's a whirlwind of emotions, leaping from hot to cold, a play of pull and push that's wonderfully addicting and send you reeling out if your comfort zone. 

I'd like to finish telling you how magnificent the Detroit Keri depaints in her books is. It's a city I don't know, and probably will never visit (well except for it's airport in a few weeks but I disgress) but that I've come to research thanks to the artistic vision of the author. She has a gift for taking the readers to places (usually decaying places) that exist and for making you feel their souls, for making you see the beautiful in the broken, usually thanks to extreme activities, (that you definitely need to research as well)! The feeling of being immersed into her world and her words is strong. You not only read a splendid story but you feel like you're a part of it. Thank you for the experience, it's one one the best feelings ever!!!!


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