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HAVOC by Debra Anastasia: ARC Review

HavocHavoc by Debra Anastasia
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"Love was pain where I was from. And I was in so much love I wanted to die."

I've been waiting for Animal's story since I finished MERCY a few months ago, and Debra Anastasia delivered a story that I devoured in no time!

Just like with Becca and Nix's story, I loved the atmosphere of this spin-off. It's dark, but not as dark as you might imagine. It's dangerous, exciting, sad and sometimes hugly, definitely compelling.

HAVOC is about family ties: the family you have, the family you deserve and the family you build. It is about love: T and Animal's is the kind of a lifetime. They met when they were only kids, the storytelling going back and forth between then and now, the flashbacks intertwined with the present, giving a really enjoyable pace. Their love grew slowly but strongly, from friends to lovers, they are each other's match. When life interfers through tragedies, for T, the little homeless girl and Animal, the little foster kids, happiness is a long bumpy ride away.

I have been agreeably surprised by the characters personalities, with T, totally badass, and such an endearing young woman! She is selfless, strong, determined and ...lethal. She can take care of herself and of her loved ones. And when I say LOVE, it's a loaded word since she claims she "loves only once", which is beautiful. Kind, charming, animal radiates, people simply like him. I loved his dual persona, the "business" partner, ruthless and resolute, and the sweet friend he can be as well. Not to mention his incredible abilities in the bedroom ;)... I've been  a little mad at him for not seeing what was, has been, right under his nose until it was almost too late but he certainly made up for that! 

Gritty, raw and noneless sweet, Havoc, along the same lines as Mercy, is definitely the kind of thrilling  journey that I enjoy. If you like a strong family / tribe vibe with some action and a healthy dose of emotion, don't wait any longer! Happy reading!

"My ghost. My angel. My warrior. My T."


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