mardi 23 janvier 2018

BLACK MOON RISING by Frankie Rose: Review

Black Moon RisingBlack Moon Rising by Frankie Campbell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Do you know Frankie Rose? I didn't, until Callie Hart explained she was going to release a Sci-fi novel under that name. No need to tell you, I had to take my chance with this genre I'm not too familiar with and I loved every word of it. 

A damaged hero (more accurately anti-hero). A strong and resilient heroine. And a unique tether that draws them toward each other.
I won't tell you more about the plot since it's quite mysterious and you'll have to discover by yourself the unique bond between Reza and Jass.

The author leads us into a fascinating intergalactic world/battlefield where the Construct's power, manipulation and betrayal rule. Jass is their deadly weapon, but will love and compassion be the key to his redemption, or will they eventually mean Reza's perdition?

The love/hate relationship is intense, a true battle of will. Will they surrender, though? 

The evolution and the conflict of the characters' feelings and interests was very clever. Trust and allegiance will be tested and I particularly enjoyed not knowing where Jass really stood in the bigger picture.

Suspenseful, gripping, action packed, Black Moon Rising had me holding my breath, just like the heroine did, until the unthinkable happened...Oh, was it twisted!!!

“Reza . It’s never going to be easy for you to look at me. Looking at me makes you feel alive. Looking at me makes you want. Looking at me makes you need. So just fucking do it. Look at me. Look at me right now, the way I’m looking at you.”

Well done, Frankie Rose, I'm ready for the follow up!!!


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