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FIND A PENNY by L.L.Meyer: ARC review

Find a Penny (The Penny Books, #3)Find a Penny by L.L. Meyer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh, that book!!! Fair warning: It's one steamy storie you don't want to read in public, hehe...

I've been intrigued by, or rather should I say, totally swooning over Jase from the first book of the series,  so it was very exciting to finally get a book from his point of view!

Also, I was curious about how LL MEYER would approach that new dynamic, or even about what the dynamic would be. In a way it surprised me, although I 'm glad she chose to take her characters on that dangerous and tricky, but super interesting and panty melting path!!!  I expected it to be hot, but I was far from imagining how hot it actually would be!!! 

The atmosphere is a bit different in this 3d installment, with more dramas, and darker emotions; it broke my heart more than once. Jase is his true self and if I thought his relationship with the little spitfire that is Avery (I love that name btw) was going to be easier than Dane and Lily's, I was totally wrong. Guilt, doubts, insecurities and jealousy are a constant in this.... dare I say....mess. Because in that kind of relationship nothing is easy and dealing with everyone's emotions and feelings is a true challenge,  one the author handled with talent! Well done, lady!!!

*Complimentary copy generously provided by the author, thank you so much!!!*

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